As the largest volunteer child advocacy association in the nation, PTA provides parents and families with a powerful voice to speak on behalf of every child, and the best tools to help children be safe, healthy, and successful - in school and in life. We advocate for children at Washington State schools, districts, and within regional and state and national levels.

Throughout the year, we keep members informed of relevant legislative issues affecting the Issaquah School District and Issaquah High School, provide updates on the ongoing legislative session, provide relevant information about and arrange meetings with our local state legislators, and promote voter registration for students who have recently turned 18 and for all voters in local, state, and national elections.

In Washington State, PTA has been a leader in engaging all levels of government to improve the lives of all children and their families. Members of IH PTSA play an important role in this process.  Every year, we send delegates to Legislative Assembly in the fall and Focus Day in the Winter. See below for further information.

To learn more about Washington State PTA legislative priorities and other supported issues, please see the advocacy page of the Washington State PTA.

Questions, email Lauren Bartholomew, IH PTSA Advocacy Chair.


Further IH PTSA Advocacy information regarding WA State Advocacy Platform and related links:

The Washington State PTA legislative platform is a two-year platform to mirror the Washington state legislative cycle. On the even-numbered years, the new platform is voted on by members at the legislative assembly in the fall. The top five issues become our short-term platform and consist of our priority issues when advocating throughout the year. Other issues are placed on an “also supported” list. During the odd-numbered years, members vote to amend current issues or to add new, emerging issues to the also supported list. Each issue has a corresponding handout located in the dropdown that can be downloaded and used when advocating.
Increase Access to Nursing, Mental Health, Social Emotional Learning Staff
Support Students and Preserve Education Funding
Increasing Educational Equity by Closing the Digital Divide
Supports and Funding for Students with Disabilities and Their Families
Prevent and Reduce Gun Violence and Suicide
Equitable Identification and Services for Highly Capable Students
Mitigating the Adverse Impacts of Climate Change
Safe School Plans and Emergency Preparedness
Links for further WA State Legislative Information:
Links to Current Educational and Legislative Issues:
Note to Self podcast dealing with parenting and technology issues.
WA State PTA Leadership
For more information, visit WA State PTA.