Senior 2024 All-Night Grad Party


The All-Night Grad Party is an annual, all-night, all-inclusive party, allowing the IHS Class of 2024 to celebrate all together, one last time, for one night only! Held at a “secret location”, this fun-filled event is a night of surprises and memories to be made commemorating the spirit of togetherness among our graduates. 

More than "just a party," the All-Night Grad Party is a commitment from parents, the IH PTSA and greater community joining together to host a once in a lifetime, alcohol-free and drug-free celebration.

Your student will not want to miss it!

** All King County COVID-19 protocols at the time of the event will be followed **

How Much Does it Cost?

The All-Night Grad Party ticket covers: entertainment, vouchers, snacks, food, beverages, transportation ALL NIGHT. No additional fees or spending money required. Register early and help us ensure that we have enough volunteers, buses, food and all that is needed to make it a great night! Purchase your ticket today!

 *All Night Grad Party financial aid and scholarships are available, email*


Previous Year's Required Documents for Event ... New documents soon

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can attend the All-Night Senior Grad Party? Only Issaquah High School graduating Seniors are invited to attend.

What’s the refund policy? Should there be a WA State issued, mandatory shutdown, and/or directed mandate, 90% of ticket prices will be refunded. 

What are the locations, date and time? Seniors will board the buses at T-Mobile Park immediately following the graduation ceremony on Monday, June 17, 2024. Students will be returned to IHS at approximately 5:00am, Tuesday morning on June 18, 2024.

Why are locations kept secret? Event locations remain a well-guarded secret to ensure the All-Night Grad Party remains safe, sober, and drug-free.

Will Cell Phones be allowed? Yes, Seniors will be allowed to carry phones with them to the all night grad party.

Students will be with their friends ALL NIGHT – Students will have the opportunity to select a friend to ride the bus with and will be free to hang out with all of their friends once the arrive at the venues.

May Seniors drop in at any time? No. All Seniors and parent chaperones board buses shortly after check-in. Unregistered or late students will not be permitted to attend. The All-Night Grad Party committee and volunteers must account for every student throughout the night. 

Please contact IH PTSA Senior Party Co-chairs for further information and/or questions.

Keri Kiefer at

Karissa Mobilia at