Welcome to IHS!

Transitioning to a new school and community can be overwhelming for parents and students, alike.  The PTSA New Family Connections Program (formerly New Family Ambassadors Program) is here to ease your family's transition. NFCP is a volunteer program that offers social and educational opportunities, especially for families new to the Issaquah School District.  The program offers access to shared high school and community resources, as well as connections to established families to help answer questions, offer suggestions and ultimately welcome you to Issaquah.  

Interested in being paired with an experienced IHS parent or guardian? Answer our quick New To IHS Family Questionnaire.  Information is completely confidential, and only used for contact and matching purposes.  (Interested in being the mentor (i.e. New Family Ambassador)?  Then please fill out our Ambassador Questionnaire ).

Each month, join the Ambassadors and friends, taking AM fieldtrips, coffee stops, lunch breaks, hikes.  While these events are sponsored by the New Family Connections, anyone is welcome  to come.  

  • Lunch with the Principal.  March 24, 12:30 - 1:30 PM.  Join us for a light lunch at IHS and ask the principal any question on your mind.

Want to be added to the email list, receiving information and dates for upcoming events?  Email ihsnewfamilyconnect@gmail.com - we'll happily add you to our list. 


Our Facebook group is another great way to get updates,  post questions, find information related to IHS: IHS New Family Connections Program


Curious about what the PTSA does?  See our slideshow of programs HERE.  Want to make a difference?  Then join the PTSA HERE.
Still have questions?  Join the IHS group text at https://bit.ly/IHS-Whatsapp .  Please note, this is not a PTSA WhatsApp but was created by IHS parents who wanted to support the IHS community.
Issaquah School District (ISD) Cultural and Family Partnerships
For families new to the United States and traditional American schools, the ISD New Family Cultural and Family Partnerships help provide translation services, academic support, answer registration questions, English language learner assistance, multi-cultural support, in a multitude of languages. Email Lorna Gilmour, ISD Equity and Family Partnership Specialist for direct assistance. ISD Accessing Information in Different Languages