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Each year, the IH PTSA Awards Committee solicits nominations, evaluates, then selects recipients for the Golden Acorn, Outstanding Advocate, Honorary Life Membership and Outstanding Educator Awards.

The Golden Acorn Award honors individuals who've given exemplary volunteer service to children and youth within our school community, and PTSA members for their contributions to our organization. 

The Outstanding Advocate Award honors individuals for their continued and dedicated advocacy for all children, and a demonstrated commitment in helping create strong policies relating to the health, welfare, safety, and education of children and youth. The potential award-winner might be a PTA grassroots advocate, teacher, assistant, administrator or community member.

The Honorary Life Membership Award recognizes an individual who has contributed significantly to the development, growth, and sustainability of a local PTA or council. It is awarded to someone who has shown extraordinary commitment to the PTA’s vision and mission. Recipients receive a certificate and pin, and a contribution is made in their name to the WSPTA Scholarship Program that benefits students.

Note: Honorary Life Membership Award recipients do not receive a free membership in the PTA that gives the award; recipients of this award need to continue to purchase their own PTA membership annually. 

The Outstanding Educator Award was created by PTSAs to recognize individuals who have provided outstanding educational opportunities for children and youth, beyond the normal scope of their jobs. An educator can be, but is not limited to, a teacher, including specialists, support staff, administrators, or community members.

Each Golden Acorn, Outstanding Advocate, and Outstanding Educator Award recipient is given a gold pin, name added to main office plaque, and acknowledgment at district-wide reception. IH PTSA also contributes $50, in the recipient’s name, to the Washington State PTA Scholarship Foundation. These funds provide scholarships to post-secondary students.

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Issaquah High PTSA Award Recipients
Golden Acorn Recipients
1962 Dr. J. E. Chiotti
1963 Mrs. Robert Burdick
1964 Tom R. Deering
1965 John Medley
1985 Margarita Suarez
1986 Evelyn Gillard
1988 Andrea Mangold
1989 Terri Pietromonaco
1990 Kay Davies
1991 Jan Olson, Eileen Wheeland
1992 Vivian Gogg, Lorilee Paget, Gayle Wheeler
1993 Dana Booth, Sandy Kimball
1994 Deloris Davis, Colleen Johnson, Janeen Mitchell
1995 Leah Dewey, Chris Grossman, Leigh Wilson
1996 Carol Nale, Roland Roaches, Jan Sutherland
1997 Jan Anchan, Dave Edfeldt, Ms. Chris Kipp, Wendy Stoddard
1998 Cindy Anderson, Mary Laferriere, Mary beth Mitchell, Kim Roof
1999 Jan Bradshaw, Judy Brewer, Laurie Dortch, Debbie Kopson, Shanna Miller
2000 Wendy Aquino, Linda Arslan, Sue Churchill, Barb Nakahara, Dave Sao
2001 Steve Burdick, Heidi Evanger, Janey Pinneo, Pam Ratcliffe, Lynne Saunders, Jan Woldseth
2002 Karen Eaves, Pam Gow, Tina Richards, Carol Weisbecker
2003 Lorry Primrose, Jan Bennett
2004 Nancy Campi, Katie Richardson
2005 Linda Frye, Jiff Searing
2006 Deborah Parsons, Mary Lou Pauly, Jo-Ellen Smith
2007 Susan Hegedus, Marianne Kersten, Diane McGee, Danielle Tilden
2008 Anne Moore, Jane Lee, Camie Callahan, Jody Mull
2009 Deed Chase, Sue Jacobson, Blythe Meigs
2010 Vicki Hahn, Debbie Sexton, Lori VanDeMark
2011 Karin Allen, Dianne Buggé, Lisa Gaan, Mark Hahn
2012 Pat Batt, Kim Dreiblatt, Patty Flynn
2013 Laurie Foreman
2014 Cyn Baumert, Tricia Jerue
2015 Anne Watanabe, Sandi Lum 
2016 Diane Burdette, Becky Gordon, Onti Rosen, Valerie Yanni
2017 Sara Carmichael, Margaret Chalfant, Barbara Howe, Bertina Sedlack
2018 Lida Buckner
2019 Leah Gibson, Pamela Kreuger
2020 Wendy Marucheck, Wendy Cummins, Victoria Evans
2021 Nicole Garcia
2022 Kristen Allen-Bentsen, Heather Bratton, Tracie Kinsley
2023 Kim Wilkinson
2024 Karissa Mobilia, Tanya Russell, Tracy Drake
Outstanding Advocate Recipients
Deborah Parsons
2009 Marianne Kersten
2010 Jody Mull
2012 Anne Moore
2013 Kim Michael, Becky Gordon
2014 Dianne Bugge', Betsy Cohen
2015 Alison Meryweather, Julie Siefkes
2016 Dea Barnett
2017 Heidi Fuhs
2018 Onti Rosen
2019 Rebecca Fay, Amber Zielinski
2020 Valerie Yanni, Joanne Wrightson, Jennifer Crewe
2021 Wendy Marucheck
2022 Karissa Mobilia
2023 Erin Connolly
2024 Julie Gamble
Honorary Life Membership
2024 Wendy Marucheck
Outstanding Educator Recipients
Paula Phelps, Ken Ruud
2002 Paul Johnson
2003 Tom Haff, Lavonne Watson
2004 Michael Gallagher
2005 Richard DeMarco, James Flynn, Joshua Moore, Bob Payseno
2006 Chris Bowman, Cary Kodama, Jay Radmer
2007 Jeffrey Dineen, Cathie Foote, Paula Phelps
2008 Ellen Jarvinen, Linda Sorenson, Susan Graham, Julie Bamba
2009 Amy McGinnis, Keri Dean, Dori Robinson, Lael Hughes, Officer Karin Weihe
2010 Jeff Berka, Vale Crain, Barbara Irish, Doug Jones
2011 Jared Fernandez, Tom Haff, Andrea Noon, Todd Parsons, Jeremy Ritzer
2012 Tim Baynes, Bill Bistritz, Buddy Bland, Carrie Borcherding
2013 Marty Kelly-Peterson and Karin Walen
2014 Hiroki Danshita, Kristi Hardy, Matthew Lockett, Elizabeth Short, Leah Van Moore


Melanie Bonnano, Shannon Henderson, Kelly Henry, Andrea McCormick, Alex Stevens, David Wood
Sharon Alder, Jennifer Cerasoli, Chris Foley, Lisa Hollingsworth, Neil Lasher, Joe Lee, Denise Moberly
RJ Harris, Sarah Henry, Kevin Houghton
Jaci Belur, Nena Carpenter, Todd Parsons  
Barbara Irish, Krista Jaffre, Mary Ann Knecht, Andrew Shanafelt
Nico Hakes, Kate Kelly, Tony Scaringi
Hiroki Danshita, Rachel Heilman, Joseph Nguyen
Jolene Gensheimer, Anne Heller, Shannon Henderson.
Colleen Ball, Denise Moberly, Todd Parsons