Volunteers for Issaquah Schools (VIS) is our local committee that promotes the passage of ISD bonds & levies. Thank you for continuously voting to support our schools and maintain high quality education as a priority in our community!

Visit visvote.org for more information and make sure you are registered to vote at vote.wa.gov. Every vote counts!

As school districts cannot campaign to pass school bonds and levies, Volunteers for Issaquah Schools (a 501(c)4 organization) was formed to run a citizens campaign to pass our school bonds and levies.
The campaign is led by a steering committee made up of School District unions, PTAs and any other Issaquah School District community groups that would like to be a part of the committee.

  • Develops messaging
  • Gives presentations
  • Develops newsletter articles
  • Sends mailings
  • Raises funds
  • Registers people to vote
  • Provides buttons/magnets
  • Provides anything a typical campaign committee provides

How Do School Bonds Work Exactly?

Have you ever wondered how school bonds work exactly? Sometimes when our school district comes to us asking for a bond, we are confused by the process. We have a lot of questions about where the money is going to go, and what exactly our kids get out of us choosing to Vote yes for schools.

A bond is kind of like a mortgage which is paid back over time. When we vote on a bond, our schools are given money from property owners using a mathematical formula in order to pay for building related costs for schools in our district. The money goes to updating buildings which are in disrepair, modernizing buildings for energy efficiency, putting in turf sports fields and tracks which need little maintenance and don't need replacement for over a decade. This can save a school district millions. Bonds keep money in the classroom.

Without bonds, these building related costs have to be completed anyway. For instance if a school's roof is caving in, or heating system breaks, the cost has to be taken from somewhere, which is classroom funding including teachers.  Bonds are put forth by school districts, although school districts are not allowed to campaign for the bonds (that's why the grassroots, non-profit Volunteers for Issaquah Schools organization exists).

To register to vote in King County, visit the county's online Voter Registration webpage. 

For information about VIS (Volunteers for Issaquah Schools the campaign committee), to donate to the campaign, and to volunteer to help go to: www.visvote.org.

For more information, visit the Volunteers for Issaquah Schools.