Quick links and forms:

  • ***NEW PROCEDURE*** PTSA will handle the $100 reimbursement for certificated/counselor staff directly.  Please fill out https://issaquahhighptsa.org/Doc/Forms/IHPTSA%20Check%20Request%20Form.pdf , attach copy of the receipt, and place in the PTSA mailbox at the school.  (Or for faster response time, take a photo of form/receipt and email IHPTSATreasurer@gmail.com).  Please allow for 5 weeks since we only process checks once a month.  Please submit by April 30 so that if we need to change our budget (to include more submissions), we have time to do so.  Otherwise, submissions will be capped as first come, first serve, according to our approved budget.
  • We do not reimburse travel expenses, hotel costs, or anything that is stated explicitly to retain a teaching credential (the last is a state or national PTA rule).  However, we will reimburse for something that is stated more generically as "improving my skill set."  We have reimbursed for fidget toys, classroom prizes, food, posters, books, pillows, and guest speakers, to name a few.
  • Different staff members (e.g. a department) may combine their reimbursement to purchase a larger item.  If doing so, please inform the PTSA Treasurer on the form or by email (IHPTSATreasurer@gmail.com).
  • IHS Staff Survey (Fall 2023) including Staff Breakfast preferences
  • Want a new/updated profile page to display outside your classroom/work area? Email issaquahhighptsa@gmail.com

  • Free Staff Membership (not just teachers - this includes admin, counselors, assistants, nurses, custodians, and kitchen staff).  We would like to beat Skyline for 100% staff membership (using FTE number).  PTSA membership lasts from July to June and can be renewed yearly.  Claim your free membership by initialing your name at a Staff Breakfast or by emailing issaquahhighptsa@gmail.com .
  • See your PTA Membership Discount Benefits HERE and national discounts HERE (e.g. Great Wolf Lodge or Avis).  The login userid and password are included in the email with your membership card.
  • Grants information, 2023-24 application, and guidelinesPTSA cannot fund transportation, salaries, or previous expenditures.  We also do not fund hotel rooms.  We CAN fund a guest speaker fee.  
  • Issaquah Schools Foundation also has an annual grant cycle.  https://isfdn.org/our-purpose/promoting-professional-development/grants/
  • Curious about what PTSA does?  Check out this PowerPoint showing PTSA programs.
  • Have a question, comment or suggestion?  Email issaquahhighptsa@gmail.com .  We always love to hear from you.

If you have students who are food insecure, there are different places they can pick up food either before school or during lunch.  

  • Maureen Lipsen (Counseling Department) has snacks from PTSA 
  • Nurses have snacks that come from Issaquah Schools Foundation and the Nurses Fund. 
  • On Friday afternoons as school ends, any student may pick up weekend food packs (Power Packs)  and toiletries in the IHS large conference room (past the front desk).  The packs include macaroni and cheese, protein bars, etc.  This is sponsored by the PTSA Angel Program as well as the Issaquah Food and Clothing Bank.


Fall 2023 letter in staff mailboxes:

Issaquah High is an amazing place and YOU are a major reason why!

Here are some ways your PTSA shows appreciation and support:

  • Free Salmon Day Parking (just show your badge to park at IMS/IHS)
  • Red Safety Backpack Restock
  • Back-to-School Luncheon
  • Monthly Staff Breakfasts
  • Staff Appreciation Week
  • $10,000 budgeted in grants every year (www.tinyurl.com/ihptsagrants)
  • $100 reimbursement per certificated staff (www.tinyurl.com/ihptsaStaffHub
  • Free PTSA Staff Membership

PTSA donors would like to pay for your PTSA staff membership again this year.  Sign up at a staff breakfast or write your name/email on this sheet of paper and put it in the PTSA mailbox.  We were thrilled to reach our goal of 100% Staff Membership last year (counted as FTE).  Let’s do it again!  

Help us to serve you better by filling out the PTSA Fall Survey at http://tinyurl.com/2023FallStaffSurvey 

One last item – ISD is no longer processing PTSA reimbursements.  Instead, submit your receipt and reimbursement form (found at www.tinyurl.com/ihptsaStaffHub ) to IHPTSATreasurer@gmail.com by email or PTSA mailbox.  If you are combining staff reimbursements to buy a larger item, please note that. Allow for 5 weeks to process. 

If you have suggestions for the PTSA, even small ones, email them to issaquahhighptsa@gmail.com.  We always want to improve.  

Looking forward to another fantastic year!

Wendy Marucheck

IH PTSA President