IH PTSA funds selected IHS-based projects and programs proposed by teachers, staff, parents, and students, to further our personal community-driven mission: 

Grant Guidelines: IH PTSA Grants Guidelines contain important criteria, application steps, cycle timeline, used to guide the grant review process.  We do not fund transportation, hotels, or salaries, although we CAN fund guest speakers.  If you are strictly a club, please apply for an ASB and/or Boosters grant.  If your club has a tie-in to a class, you may apply for a PTSA grant.

Grant Application Form: Complete application, including attachments, additional information, signatures. Return application packet to IHS main office, addressed "ATTN: Principal Erin Connolly' IH PTSA Grant Application".   Here is an example of a great grant application by Kelsey Early. You may also send your draft to issaquahhighptsa@gmail.com and ask for comments before you officially submit it.

Grant Submission Dates:  IH PTSA considers grant proposals three times each school year.  

  Application Due Date: PTSA Meeting Vote:
FALL: October 13, 2023 November 17, 2023
WINTER:  January 12, 2024 February 9, 2024
SPRING: April 19, 2024 May 17, 2024


IH PTSA Grant Application. Questions, email IHPTSAGrants@gmail.com.



Previous IH PTSA Grants:

 Year Program/Project  Applicant Approved
2023-24 LRC II – Pre-Vocational/Pre-Reader Task Boxes Erika Peterson $250.00
  IHS Counselors - Counseling Lunch Events Charene Gray $200.00
  Outdoor for All Events/Adaptive Bicycles (LRC I & II) Helly Harel  $250.00
  Refillable Water Station Installation by Theater Matthew Fischer $1,000.00
  LRC II Classroom Materials Kinsey Krebill  $500.00
2022-23 Ball Chairs for LRC II Dayna Talley $310
  Library Dropbox for Books Kate Murray $1653.08
  Biotech Equipment for Biomedical Science (parts 1 &2) Sylvia Law $3236.88
  Behavioral Support Program for LRC I Tammy Unruh $300
  LRC I - Learning Access - Headphones Rhonda Chin $44.01
  Learning Strategies Library (IEP Classroom) Mikayla Fjeld $170.34
  Skit Props for Spanish 2 Classes Kelsey Early $400
  Chemistry Table Group Supplies Kelly Henry $478.28
  Textbooks for Social Psychology Natalie Sheehan $3000
  American Literature Novels Jennifer Cerasoli $3122.70
  Biotech Equipment for Biomedical Science (part 3) Sylvia Law $3289.60
  Mural Project Kelsey Early $400
2021-22 LRC Social/Communications Lunch Group   Lindsay Greene  $600
  Building Aluminum Map Rails   Kurtis Evans $1,803.03
  Pug Mill for Ceramics (50% funding from PTSA, IHS will fund remaining)  Jenn Arras $3,800
  3 replacement laptops for Black Box Theater and Performing Arts Center   Kurtis Evans $3,525
2020-21 French Magazine Subscriptions Veronique Silverman $545
  Student Art Gallery - Display cases Bridget Johns $3000
  Paper shredder for functional goals Anne Heller $250
  Event headset microphones Jordan Frost/Will St. Andre $128
  ASB Communications - walkie talkies etc Jordan Frost/Will St. Andre $198
  Banners for College & Career boards Karen Stevens $675
2019-20 Stop the Bleed Kits Healthy Students $1250
  Self Defense Mats Uramis $1818
  Extruder Stand (ceramics) Moody $790
  WebAssign (math) McCormick $500
  AP Gov Readers McCormick $1000
  Wall of Honor Jergens-Zmuda $3000
2018-19 Spanish Voices Online Reading Stimmel $560
  ASL Floor Cushions Friedli $368
  Authors Live! Crickmore $1,525
  Choir Piano Irish $1,500
  Self-defense Focus Mitts Uramis $1,000
  High Speed Dryer McCormick $2,210
  French Magazine Subscription McCormick $580
  Metal Drawer File McCormick $1,200
2017-18 Mooncakes DECA/Nie $275
  Drill Press MacDonald $820
  LRC1 Lunch Program Leon $250
  Read naturally Hovey $759
  Spanish National Exam Hayes $307
  5K T-Shirts Fortier $500
  Drive to Save Lives Connolly $750
  Radio Equipment Shanafelt $825
  HOBY Leadership Henderson $1,580
  French Magazine Subscription McCormick $300
  CycleOPS Chemistry & Physics McCormick $420
  Issaquah Speaks Lillo $500
  ELL History Text Books McCormick $1,000
  2 Stationary Bikes McCormick $2,000
  Calming Kits McCormick $200
2016-17 Radio Station Equipment Schiermeyer $5,085
  HOBY Leadership Henderson $895
  LRC1 Lunch Program Leon $500
  Science Equipment Robles $2,464
  Library Projectors Crickmore $4,014
  Two Art Kilns Moody $6,100
  Parent Ed Lending Library Rosen $172
2015-16 Backdrop rental Whiting $772
  HOBY Leadership Henderson $895
  Shakespeare Field Trip DeZure $2,377
  Crosswalk Painting/Signage Lasher $3,100
  Textbooks McCormick $9,625
  Author Visit Crickmore $1,525
  Spanish National Exam Hayes $550
2014-15 Economics textbooks Wood  $2,500 
  Summer School McCormick $2,500
  Grand Piano Longman $5,000
  Nuclear Detector Henry $1,250
  Chemistry Calculators Scaringi  $1,900
  PE Equipment Fortier  $2,450
  Visitor Tracking System Lasher $4,400 
  Student Art Collection Claudon $800
  Guided Studies Incentives Borcherding $500
  Extended Library Hours Rosen $4,000
  Community Parent Night Clawson $200
2013-14 IVision Computers/Software Bland $9,600
  Library Lamps/Décor Crickmore $2,500
  Black Box Theatre Lighting Whiting $3,700
   Body Microphones Irish $7,000
  Physics Trip Haff $1,900
  Student Art Collection Claudon  $600
2012-13 Shakespeare in Classroom Mountford $1,500
  IPads LRC1  Levine $4,100
  Wheelchair  Ostendorf $175
  NCR Notetaking Paper Borcherding $300
  Start Strong Program Bamba $14,000