***Our Community Service Hours online reporting site is live and accepting hours HERE!  Previously reported hours have been migrated over. Deadline for submission of hours by Seniors is May 1st, 2021. Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors can also submit hours year round.  Because this is new software, please keep a record of your hours for back-up.


Build Community - Enrich Your Life

In collaboration with the IHS College and Career Center, the IH PTSA is proud to sponsor the IH PTSA Community Service Program, designed to recognize students’ contributions throughout our community through service.

Community Service hours are reported to IH PTSA throughout each year.  The IH PTSA tabulates and submits the total hours reported to the school for special recognition at the end of senior year. Each student completing 100 or more Community Service Hours will receive a certificate and honor cord. 


  • Link to ONLINE REPORTING: IHS/IHPTSA Community Service Hours Reporting Site After entering your preferred email address, you will receive an email back allowing you to log on (use same email), then create your profile and begin logging hours.  Please also maintain your own record of your volunteer hours.
  • Hours from the old database were transferred over in Dec. 2019.  If your old hours did not transfer, please re-enter them into the new database as one entry and estimate the time.
  • For a list of volunteer opportunities, visit  IHS College and Career Center Volunteer information 
  • Questions? Contact Issaquah High PTSA Community Service Committee Chair, issyhighcommunityservice@gmail.com 


What are Community Service Hours? 
Community Service Hours are hours spent volunteering to perform services without pay or other compensation (except recognition and appreciation) for the good of an individual, an agency, the community, or society. 

What Counts as Community Service?

  • Hours should be performed outside of school time without pay or compensation.
  • Hours volunteered after 8th grade promotion do count.
  • Hours worked for National Honor Society, Key Club and DECA do count, as long as they meet all other criteria.
  • Hours for class credit: Health, Sports Medicine and Music do not count.
  • Only actual working / volunteering hours count: travel and sleep hours do not count.
  • Fundraising, Rehearsal hours and Planning/ Meetings do count up to a maximum of 15% of the overall time for the volunteer activity.
  • Hours worked as a result of Traffic Court do not count.

Are Community Service Hours required for graduation?
No, participation is voluntary.

How many hours are needed for recognition under this program?
100 verifiable hours must be reported by the deadline using the online reporting system. See link above.

When is the deadline?
Deadline for submission by seniors is May 1, 2021.  (This allows us to verify entries, print certificates, and obtain honor cords.) Hours may be submitted throughout your high school years whenever the link is active. Please keep a record of the hours that you log.

What information do I need in order to log hours?
You will need to know the number of hours, dates of service, name of organization, name, email and phone number for your supervisor or volunteer coordinator.

How do I find the Online Reporting Link on the Community Service Hours?
At the top of this page

Why Should I Volunteer?
Volunteerism provides many benefits, not just for the community, but for the student, especially if you are truly interested in the organization or cause for which you are volunteering.

  • To explore different career fields.
  • To give back to the community.
  • To gain valuable contacts for future job or internship opportunities.
  • To learn new skills or enhance skills in your area of interest.
  • To provide colleges a volunteer service record.
  • To meet requirements for many scholarships.
  • To be recognized at the end of Senior year with a service cord. (*100 or more hours) --- PTSA purchases the cords for students who qualify.