Building Community - Enriching Lives

In collaboration with IHS College and Career Center, IH PTSA proudly sponsors the IH PTSA Community Service Program, designed to recognize students’ contributions throughout our community through service.

Community Service hours are reported to IH PTSA throughout each year. IH PTSA tabulates and submits total hours reported to IHS Administration for special graduation recognition. Each student completing 100 or more Community Service Hours will receive a certificate and honor cord that worn during graduation.




What are Community Service Hours? 

  • Community Service Hours are hours spent volunteering to perform services without pay or other compensation (except recognition and appreciation) for the good of an individual, agency, community. 

What Counts as Community Service?

  • Hours should be performed outside school, without pay or compensation.
  • Hours volunteered beyond 8th grade promotion.
  • Hours for class credit such as for Health, Sports Medicine and Music do not count.
  • Only actual working/volunteering hours count.  Travel and sleep hours do not count.
  • Fundraising, rehearsal hours and planning/meetings do count, up to maximum 15% of overall hours.
  • Hours worked as a result of Traffic Court do not count.

Are Community Service Hours required for graduation?
No, participation is voluntary.

How many hours are needed for recognition under this program?
100 verifiable hours must be reported by deadline, using the online reporting system. 

When is the deadline?
Deadline for submission by Seniors is May 1, each year.

What information do I need in order to log hours?
Number of hours, dates of service, name of organization, name, email and phone number for your supervisor or volunteer coordinator.

Why Should I Volunteer?

  • Explore different career fields.
  • Give back to the community.
  • Gain valuable contacts for future job or internship opportunities.
  • Learn new skills or enhance skills in your area of interest.
  • Provide colleges a volunteer service record.
  • Meet certain scholarship  requirements.
  • Recognition as graduating Senior.


The Community Service Program has been sponsored by the Issaquah High PTSA since 2013 to recognize IHS students' commitment to supporting others in the community.  

The Class of 2021 donated 19,000+ hours to the greater Issaquah Community. Ninety-eight Seniors met eligibility criteria, representing 18% of the Senior Class. Congratulations, Seniors!  

Full List of Honor Cord Recipients.