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Healthy Student works in collaboration with IHS Administration, students, staff and community organizations to prepare students with life skills for high school years and beyond.  The concept for this committee broadened in the 2015-16 school year from “scare tactics” around underage drinking/mock crash into a Positive Community Norms campaign (BE TRUE) about emphasizing the positive choices that students make.  As BE TRUE grew into a separate committee, Healthy Student morphed to provided a place to address student/family needs beyond academics (and not already addressed elsewhere in PTSA), implementing school improvement ideas, and supporting high school programs designed to give students life skills for high school and beyond. 

In recent years these efforts have included support of Mental Health Awareness Week, Sexual Assault Awareness and Self Defense seminars, and follow-up on student school improvement suggestions (microwaves in lunchroom, tampon dispensers, drinking water options). The type of programs supported will change annually based on identified need and interest from students, staff, and parents.  We encourage input from these groups on future projects. The committee chair sits-in on final presentations in Sophomore Psychology (student school improvement suggestions) during finals week each semester.

For more information contact or Committee Chair, Joan Dandeneau.

Issaquah High Counselors:

Issaquah High Counselors (including Teen Health Counselor)

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Influence The Choice
Influence the Choice is a nonprofit, community-based, grass-roots organization dedicated to preventing substance use and promoting the mental, physical, and social wellness of our youth

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