The Issaquah High PTSA encourages students to continue their education after graduation, by offering $1,000 scholarships, for both Tech/Vocational pursuits, as well as Community Colleges and Universities. Students applying for IH PTSA Scholarship must be in good standing at IHS, and demonstrate a commitment to furthering education. 

Purpose: The purpose of the IH PTSA Senior Scholarship is to support students who have shown significant personal academic growth throughout their IHS career.

Eligibility: Students currently enrolled at IHS, with a 2.0 or higher grade point average, committed to furthering his/her education, by attending an educational institution immediately following IHS graduation.

Deadlines and Application: 
Download the Application Form here.  Application Rubric is here for reference. 

For more information, contact IH PTSA Senior Scholarships at

Recipients of the IH PTSA Senior Scholarships


Tanner Bourlier * Seika Brown * Isabela Cline * Yennie Jun * Kayla Ludlow 


Drake Chong  *  Sophia Cuschieri  *  Haley Dang  *  Sarah Hall  *  Elodie Hutson


Nick Harang  * Chirasmita Kompella  * Lauren Rosen  *  Elsa Bean  *  Meghan Obernberger 
Callie Mejia  * Jordan Wallace  *  Trevor Mele.


Gabriel Bacerdo  *  Madison Gilbert  *  Abigail Hotchkiss  *  Kyle Israel  *  Emily Spencer


Anne Ginthner  *  Olga Andreeva  *  Amy Behar  *  Samantha Harbeck 


Andrew Co  *  Bryan Hanner  *  Kathleen Hinchcliffe  *  Edward Park * Anne Robertson  * 
Pratik Vaidya 

Congratulations to these honored graduates as they continue their educational journeys!