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Healthy Student works in collaboration with IHS Administration, Staff and Community Organizations to promote the positive. The concept for this committee is brand new as of the 2015-16 school year.  In the past, Healthy Student used “scare tactics” to try to steer students toward making healthy choices.  We’ve decided to take things in a more “positive” direction moving forward.

Healthy Student will have several components - not all of which have been put in place at this time.  One key component, though, is getting ready to roll out in February of 2016.  Healthy Student has been working with Influence the Choice – Drug Prevention Alliance for Youth (formerly The Drug Free Coalition of Issaquah), as well as school administrators and staff to put into place a program called Positive Community Norms.  This program focuses on bridging the gap between perception and reality.  For instance, a student may believe that a majority of students at IHS drink alcohol, when in actuality it’s a minority of students.  How do we know?  We use the data from the Healthy Youth Survey which is gathered every two years from our students.  We want to share the data from the survey with students in a way that speaks to them.  We’ll be using posters and giveaways to help keep the campaign fresh in their minds.  We have worked with student focus groups to develop a tagline and poster concepts that will tell a story about Issaquah – what makes our students and school unique.  The campaign tagline, as developed by the students, is “Be True”.

Be True posters will begin appearing in the halls of Issaquah in February.  Our goal is that students will notice them, and the data, and that it will make them think about their choices.  We believe that the campaign will help students to clearly see that most students are making good choices, and that they should follow suit and not succumb to peer pressure.  By presenting the facts in a positive way that students can relate to, our goal is to make a difference in our students’ lives.  You can help too by asking your student if he/she has seen Be True posters around the school, and what they think about them.  It’s an excellent conversation starter!

Other components of Healthy Student will be introduced in the 2016-17 school year.

For more information about Positive Community Norms, please view this video presentation from October 27, 2015 at IHS:  view video presentation here

For more information, please contact the PTSA Healthy Student chair: Victoria Evans.

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