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Everyone is brand new to IHS at some point!  Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).  Do you have a suggestion for another question?  If so, just email


1) How do I find out information?  

The school's main source of communication is it's weekly E-News.  You are not automatically included.  To get on the list, sign up HERE and mark Issaquah High.  Older E-news can be found HERE.  Follow PTSA on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  Another way is to join the New Family Ambassadors Program's socials.

2) Is there anything for new families? 

The PTSA has a program called the New Family Ambassadors.  This pairs up an old-timer with a newcomer, so they can have someone to ask questions.  There are social activities year-round.  While this is mostly designed for new-to-the-area parents and guardians, anyone is welcome (including old-timers) as long as they are willing to meet newcomers and make new friends.  

3) I keep hearing about PTSA, Boosters, ASB, and ISF.  What's the difference?  

In a nutshell, PTSA (Parent-Teacher-Student Association) deals with things that affect student learning, Boosters (parents) fundraise for extra-curricular clubs and sports, ASB (Associated Student Body) is the student-run organization that oversees clubs and school dances, and ISF (Issaquah Schools Foundation) funds district-wide programs.  See a flier with more details HERE

4) How do I sign up for sports? 

Contact the coach and attend Sports Night.  More info HERE under Athletics.   Registration info is HERE.  You will need to have a physical and have the physician sign off on a document you bring.

5) How do I find out about clubs?  

The school will host a club fair in October.  Most clubs have a weekly meeting during the school year.  To participate, students must have purchased an ASB card. Any student needing financial assistance should see the Attendance Secretary.

6) Are any clubs particularly noteworthy at IHS? 

In no particular order, these clubs do well at the regional and/or national level. 

DECA (Business club), Robotics, Sports MedicineEvergreen Orchestra (audition only), Mix It Up, In Harmony, and Hi Tones (audition-only, acapella singing groups)

7) How do I find a staff member (e.g. the Attendance Secretary)?

The school's staff members are listed HERE or you can search the ISD Directory HERE.  You might have to use a shorter word search (e.g. "Attendance" instead of "Attendance Secretary").  

8) Are community service hours required to graduate? 

No, but there is an optional PTSA honor cord that may be worn at graduation for students that document 100+ hours of volunteering (from the end of 8th grade until May 1 of the senior year).  More info HERE.  Submit hours HERE 

9) What is Running Start? 

Running Start is a program for juniors and seniors where they can take classes off-campus (e.g. Bellevue College).  There is an info session in the spring of the sophomore year for students.  The advantage is getting college credit with minimal fees.  The disadvantage is that you have to provide your own transportation.  Also, Bellevue College's credits may not be recognized by private colleges outside of Washington State.  On the other hand, AP (Advanced Placement) courses are college-level courses at IHS that have national exams and are recognized at all colleges.  Expect a college-level course to go twice as fast as a regular high school course.  More info can be found on the Counseling website.

10) What is the difference between the College & Career Center and IHS Counseling

While they overlap slightly, they function differently.  Both have extensive websites that should be explored.

You are assigned to an IHS Counselor based on the student's last name.  They can help with academic questions, mental health, or IEP/504 Plans.  The Counselor also writes the school's recommendation to colleges and sends transcripts.

The College & Career Center organizes visits from college admission officers, tracks the High School and Beyond Plan (required for graduation), posts scholarships and internships, and serves as a resource to parents and students.  They have a mini-library full of college-related books.

11) What are some of the events?

Homecoming, Winterfest, Swingin' in Vienna, TOLO Dance, Senior Farewell, Senior Prom, and Senior All-Night Grad Party.

Did you miss New to IHS Night (Aug. 27. 2020)?  

Not to worry!  You can still watch the 20-minute pre-recorded video (with students Q & A and club slides) 

Thank you to everyone who joined our live Zoom sessions! 


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