Thank you for Chairing an Event/Program with IH PTSA!

Here is the IH PTSA Committee Chair document, with info on whom to contact, where things are, and available resources throughout our organization.  We also have a Volunteer Management Guidelines document that you may find helpful. 

Questions? Please don't hesitate to contact our Events VPsPrograms VPs , or Outreach VP.

In the Committee Chair document, learn how to:

  • Communicate and advertise your Event or Program.
  • Support and Planning Info.
  • Budget, Reimbursements & Collect Funds.
  • Supplies.
  • Requesting volunteers for your Event or Program.
  • Creating a sign-up document/email.

Interested in becoming a Chair?  We have open Chair positions -  HERE

Interested in becoming a Board Member?  We have job descriptions - HERE

Want to volunteer for an Event or Program?
  Volunteer information found HERE