Foundation Programs and Grants at IHS

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After School Homework Labs for High Schools Funded Annually
Bringing Shakespeare Alive with Seattle Shakespeare Company Funded Annually
Career and Technical Education Scholarships for Teachers Funded Annually
Dedicated Fine Arts Fund Funded Annually
Healthy Youth Initiative (formerly Issaquah Community Network) Funded Annually
National Board Certification (NBC) Scholarships for teachers Funded Annually
New Teacher Classroom Start-Up Funds Funded Annually
Port Blakely Environmental Stewardship Biodiversity Classes Funded Annually
PSAT Scholarships Funded Annually
Robotics Club – High Schools Funded Annually
STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Program Support Funded Annually
TEALS Computer Science and Web Design Classes Funded Annually
TransAct Subscription for ELL Department Funded Annually
Volunteers of Issaquah Changing Education (VOICE) Mentor Program Funded Annually
Cultural Bridges Funded Annually
Teacher Recruitment and Retention 2017
Incredible Intensity of Just Being Human Project (Destigmatize Mental Illness for Adolescence) 2016
Lab Quest2 Interfaces for Science Labratories 2015
Theatrical Lighting Instruments for Black Box Theatre 2015
Lab Quest2 Interfaces for Science Laboratories 2014
Theatrical Lighting Instruments for Black Box Theatre 2014
AP Environmental Technology and Support Material 2013
Graphing Calculators to Close the Achievement Gap 2013
Professional Development in GLAD (Guided Language Acquisition Design) in ELL for secondary 2013
Start Strong 2013
Sustainability Outreach and Education 2013
Forensic Science in the Classroom 2012
Modeling Instruction for Physics Teachers 2011
Singing Machine 2010
Funding the Issaquah High FIRST Robotics Team 2009
Spectrophotometers and SpectroVis to Study Emission Spectrum 2009
Supporting Microbiological Investigations 2009
A Less Offensive Approach to Anatomy 2008
Angular Momentum & Wave Theory 2008
Biotechnology in the Biology Classroom 2008
Funding the Issaquah High School FIRST Robotics Team 2008
Guitars for Guitar Lab 2007
I-Vision: Television Production 2006
Robotics Team 2006
Digital Microscopes for High School Biology Courses 2005
Funding for the FIRST Robotics Competition 2005