Join the IH PTSA!

Would you like to be a part of the 2018-19 IH PTSA Board? Know someone who would make a great addition to the Board?  The Nominating Committee would like to talk with you!  The IH PTSA Nominating Committee is currently searching for nominees with next year's elected Board positions, including Co-President, Secretary, and Co-VP of Programs, along with other committee positions.  Nominees must be members of the IH PTSA, or another local PTA within the Issaquah Council, in order to be voted upon in an Executive Board position.

The Nominating Committee would be happy to discuss all positions with interested individuals, providing further information, etc. Questions, comments, suggestions, please contact Onti Rosen , Megan Haas, or Tracie Jones


PTSA Board of Directors - Job Descriptions

Executive Committee (Elected board members)


  • Plan and lead monthly Board of Directors and General Membership meetings.
  • Lead the PTSA toward the specific goals approved by the membership.
  • Understand the objectives of the PTSA, Washington State PTA Bylaws, and local unit standing rules.
  • Be aware of and utilize resources from Issaquah PTSA Council, State PTA, and National PTA.
  • Sign all binding agreements.
  • Attend monthly Issaquah PTSA Council meetings or send a delegate in his/her place.
  • Maintain the President notebook and pass it on to the incoming President.
  • Attend PTSA/Principal meetings as needed.
  • Be aware of key dates, deadlines, and priorities for the school and PTSA.
  • Work with the IH PTSA Board to ensure that the works, priorities, activities, successes, and needs of the PTSA are communicated to the membership.
  • Work with Make appointments to positions and committees as designated in the Standing Rules with approval of the Executive Committee.
  • Disseminate and communicate all information received pertinent to PTSA programs.
  • Attend and vote as a delegate to Issaquah PTSA Council.
  • Serves as ex-officio member of all committees except nominating committee.


  • Attend monthly Board of Directors and General Membership meetings.
  • Maintain the Secretary notebook, passing along to the incoming Secretary.
  • Keep accurate minutes of all meetings.
  • If unable to attend a meeting, ask someone to act as Secretary to present minutes from previous meeting and take minutes of current meeting.
  • Provide the minutes (both draft and approved) to be posted on the PTSA website.
  • Record attendance and determine existence of quorum at all PTSA meetings.
  • Responsible for correspondence as designated by President.
  • Maintain second copy of the Legal Documents notebook (Treasurer has the other one)
  • By June 30 of the current school year, ensure that both copies of the Legal Documents notebooks are in order and ready to transfer to the new officers.


  • Attend monthly Board of Directors and General Membership meetings.
  • Maintain the Programs notebook and pass it on to the incoming Director of Programs.
  • Recruit committee chairs in your directorship.
  • Prepare and submit for approval Program Planning Forms for all proposed PTSA programs.
  • Work with committee chairs to ensure that accurate and detailed notes, instructions and financial records are kept for each program.
  • Work with committee chairs to create a detailed communication plan at the beginning of each program.


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