The IH PTSA Angel Program

The Angel Program strives to assist families who need a little extra help to make ends meet.  It is a confidential, behind-the-scenes PTSA Program made possible by donations from the parents of Issaquah High School and the greater Issaquah community including Superior Seconds and the Issaquah Food Bank as well as the hard work and commitment of our dedicated volunteers.

Need Help?

If you have a student at Issaquah High who needs clothing, school supplies, groceries or necessities of any kind and you qualify for financial scholarships, the PTSA Angel Program is here to help. Just complete a Scholarship Eligibility Application form (found in the Attendance or Counseling Office or click here) and turn it in to the school attendance secretary Lisa Hollingsworth.  You can also call Lisa at 425-837-6012. 

Angel Program Offerings

The “Closet” is a place for students to “shop” in a private area of the school building.  Students can shop periodically for for items like school supplies, homecoming clothing, booster wear, coats, jeans, and more.  The Closet will be open for these items as well as toiletries and other personal care items throughout the year.  The Closet will also be open every Friday from 2:45-3:15pm with Weekend Food packs available for any student in need. 

Special Requests:

If your student needs something additional that would be helpful for them to succeed in school and/or feel part of the community, they can email a request to Lisa Hollingsworth or call her at 425-837-6012.  You can also click here to print the form then drop it off with Ms. Hollingsworth at the Attendance office.  We will take special requests all year.  These might include items like academic, field trip and club fees; groceries; household necessities; ORCA passes; gas cards; shoes; prom items, etc.

Senior Items:

Caps and gowns, graduation tickets, yearbooks and the Senior All-Night party are all special for the senior class.  We understand that these costs can be overwhelming.  If you need assistance, please contact Lisa Hollingsworth or click here to print a Request for Assistance form that can be turned into the Attendance office. 

Holiday Gifts:

Every holiday season, the Angel Closet will distribute gift bags full of teenage-specific extras to brighten the holidays.  The kids love them!

How Can You Help?

Angel Donors – You can donate at back-to-school registration or any point during the school year.  Click here if you would like to make a donation. Donate here if you are not a PTSA Member.

Angel Shoppers – If you like to shop, we need volunteers to shop for the monthly items to be distributed in the Angel Closet and the Special Requests as they come in. 

Angel Closet Helpers – These volunteers will work in the closet to help students shop and keep the closet organized and ready for the next opening. 

Angel Program Support – We need volunteers to promote and support the Angel Program through marketing, procuring corporate donations and communicating the Program needs and information throughout the school year. 

If you have any difficulty with the links above and would like to help with this program, please email Joanne.  Remember that you will need to be an approved volunteer through Issaquah High to help in the Closet. 

Thank you so much!

Joanne Wrightson
Angel Program Chair