Issaquah High PTSA Presents
Issaquah High School Class of 2020
All-Night Grad Party


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Know your graduate is safe, chaperoned, well-fed, and having a blast!
An annual tradition sponsored by the PTSA.
Last chance for the Class of 2020 to celebrate together.  

April 24, 2020 UPDATE ~  Lida Buckner, Chair  ~ All Night Grad Party is still being planned,  July 20

On April 23rd, IHS Principal McCormick announced that given the unknowns and concerns around social distancing guidelines, that the June 12th IHS Graduation Ceremony will be held virtually at 1pm instead of in person at T-Mobile Park.  She also announced that they are hopeful that by July, the social distancing guidelines will allow for another festive, in-person graduation event at the high school stadium for graduates to pick up their diplomas.  The school and PTSA are optimistic that our 2020 graduates will then be getting two memorable graduation events, one virtually in June and another in-person Walk event, tentatively July 20th.  
With that in mind, the All-Night Graduation Party Committee decided to follow IHS’s lead and move the All-Night Grad Party to the night of the tentative July 20th IHS graduation event.  Your All-Night Grad Party Committee continues to be optimistic, motivated, and enthusiastic to throw our Class of 2020 the best All Night Grad Party hopefully on July 20th!
If circumstances prevent the July in-person IHS graduation event from taking place, then the party will be canceled.  We should have a better idea of the social distancing guidelines and viability of the July party in late May. 
If the party is canceled, refunds will be available upon request.  Full disclosure, the small family-run events company that is managing and has managed this event for the PTSA for many years is being forced into Chapter 11.  They are still in business, working through trying to survive past this difficult time.  For more information on the unexpected circumstances we find ourselves in today and the Refund Process, click here
In the meantime, fingers crossed for a Walk Event in July, following by a super fun All Night Grad Party.  Stay positive, healthy, and keep cherishing your family, and celebrating your senior!
per Grad Nighs, May 13, 2020
"We have been planning safe and sober graduation parties for over 40 years in Washington state and we have never had to make the incredibly difficult decisions we are now. As you know this is far more than just a business of us; keeping kids safe with safe and sober parties became both our passion and our mission when Kevin and I both lost close friends to alcohol-related accidents. This COVID crisis has completely flipped our business upside down and we are doing everything we can to help our 2020 seniors and ensure that we are able to continue our mission to help future seniors. We are completely dedicated to giving the Issaquah seniors the celebration they deserve after such a devastating end to their senior year, and high school careers.
I know we are all worried about what will happen if the Governor reverses course and decides to ban events throughout the summer and potentially not reopen schools. The impact on the community, schools, parents, and the kids, and businesses is almost beyond comprehension. For us bankruptcy is terrifying, and a terrible situation for everyone; we would much rather keep the 40 years of tradition alive and provide you and your seniors with the celebration they deserve. Please understand that nothing like this has ever happened to us before, so we just don’t have all the answers yet about how things will move forward if the events don’t happen. What we do know is that Grad Nights has decades of history with Issaquah High School and want to do all that we can to see the traditions that we started to continue far into the future.  We are doing our best to get as much information as we can and will update you once we know more."  


What is the All-Night Grad Party?

A tradition at Issaquah High School (and many high schools in the West), the all-night, all-inclusive grad party---a senior year highlight---provides a safe, sober and FUN opportunity for the graduates to gather one last time.  Graduation this year is at 1pm.  Graduates will have time to enjoy their families after the Graduation Ceremony at T-Mobile.  This PTSA-sponsored celebration is planned and paid for by the senior parents.

How much does it cost?

$195  Pay online or by check, payable to IH PTSA

This includes an all-inclusive night: transportation to multiple fun-filled, activity-packed SECRET venues, entertainment, activities, games, prizes, dinner, breakfast, and FUN, FUN, FUN all night long!
Most importantly, this is a safe and supervised event with NO alcohol or drugs. 
Please note that ALL students must ride the bus to and from the party. 

Full and partial scholarships are available!
if you or someone you know is unable to afford this event, please CLICK HERE.   All information is confidential. 
If you would like to be a super-hero by giving to the party/scholarship fun, DONATE HERE. 

How do I reserve a space/register?

Space is reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. Early registration is highly recommended!

Step 1: CLICK HERE to reserve your space and pay $195 through PayPal. 

Step 2: DOWNLOAD REQUIRED FORMS HERE. All participants must turn in the Registration Form (1 page) and the 2020 Party Agreement (2 pages). The Emergency Care Plan is needed only if your Senior has a life-threatening medical condition.  

Guest List:  Who is registered so far?    Click Here for Registered Guest List

Volunteers Needed:  Click Here  


Request a Refund

Parent Volunteers Needed!   

Bus Sign-up Day, Event Check-in, and the popular Chaperones!  Click Here to see all volunteer opportunities.

Thank you to the small army of volunteers who are helping with this exciting, safe night.   There are lots of opportunities to get involved!  Sophomore and Junior parents needed as Chaperones!   CLICK HERE for full Committee Role Job Descriptions. 

Senior All-Night Party Committee Leads         EMAIL COMMITTEE

Chair  Lida Buckner
Treasurer Moonhee Bischof  
Communications Amy Wisler   
  Carrie Hannigan (Kaiser)  
  Deena Eastern  
Ticket Sales / Registration Cindy Liddle  
  Shelley Chapman  
Check-In Jane Barry  
  Bertina Loeffler Sedlack  
Chaperones / Volunteer needs Gia Pak  
  Peggy Hillock  
Bus Sign-Up Tammy Antezana  
  Suzie Potter  
Bus Snacks / Prizes Jennifer Shields  
  Shannon Finegood  
Casino Pit-Boss Rick Chapman  


Why does the PTSA think offering a safe, controlled All-Night Graduation Party is important? Is it worth it?

Alarming statistics and commonsense tell us that Seniors want to celebrate after graduation. Did you know...

•  According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Statistics of teen drunk driving, 70% of all teens drink alcohol.
•  Over half of teenage drinkers consumer five or more drinks in an hour (also known as binge drinking)
•  Almost 75% of teen drinkers drink at parties hosted by other teens.
•  The percentage of teen drinkers who drink in private and secret locations is about 40%.

OK, but I drank in high school, too!

•  60% of all teen deaths in car accidents are alcohol-related.  
•  During weekends around prom, graduation, and homecoming, 47% of traffic crash fatalities of 15-20-year-olds were alcohol-related.
•  Of these alcohol-related fatalities, 69% involved a 15-20-year-old driver with alcohol in his/her system,
 Of the fatal car crashes occurring between midnight and 3am, 77% involve alcohol.  



Every Attending Senior and their Parents should READ - Important questions answered!
General Party FAQs
Party Guest List

Additional Details

Planning for this fun-filled night is in the works. When details are nailed down, information such as pick up time and pertinent instructions will be emailed.   All other details will be kept secret for the sake of fun and safety.

Questions or want to get more involved?    Contact Lida Buckner – All-Night Grad Party Chair