When: Wednesday, June 10, 2020, 7:00pm start

to not later than 8:45pm (dependent on number of acts)


  • A Facebook Live streaming event with enthusiastic hosts, alternating between inspiring musical and other performances and thoughtful, teacher-nominated student Q&As (see audition info below).
  • React and comment live through Facebook Live (no account needed to watch, but account needed to comment and react). 
  • Event can be watched after the livestream time as a recorded event. Link to the recorded event can be found on this page on June 11th.
  • Part of the event will be a senior destinations slideshow, so send your senior photo or destination photo to IssySeniorFarewell@gmail.com and include your post high school plans. PHOTOS DUE JUNE 6th.

Senior Farewell is an annual inspirational celebration for all seniors and their families, which gives the senior class the opportunity to come together to pause and reflect on this rite of passage. Though we are unable to celebrate in person this year, we are planning an exciting virtual event through Facebook Live. We hope you can join us as a participant and/or audience member!


Talent Auditions

Audition video clips are due May 30th; send link or video file to IssySeniorFarewell@gmail.com

Audition file should be between 20-45 seconds long. Ensure your video has optimal lighting and audio and is filmed how you plan to film your final video.

Only senior student acts will be considered. Acts can include one or more seniors, but social distancing rules need to be followed. For help with group acts, email the address above.

After approval, final videos are due June 6th.  The length of final videos will be determined by the number of submissions, but when choosing your selection, please aim to stay between 2 - 3.5 minutes. 

Audition guidelines and ideas for senior acts can be found HERE.

The Senior Farewell Committee will make final decisions as to what acts will be shown and will mediate if more than one person desires to perform a song.

Host Auditions

Expectations are that there will be two hosts introducing acts and student Q&As through Zoom. Management of videos and review of livestream comments for real time host reactions is already being handled. You don't need to know how to run Facebook Live or Zoom, but you need to be a Zoom participant. 

Poor internet connection may impact selection for host.

Hosts need to be available for rehearsals during the week of June 1st - 9th.

Hosts will appear live during the event starting at 7pm, so please reserve 6:30pm - 9pm on Wednesday, June 10th. 

Only seniors will be considered for hosting.

HERE is the script for the host audition.

Senior Farewell Chair:  Valerie Yanni      IssySeniorFarewell@gmail.com 

Committee includes Kim Foster and Emily Whelan